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Saas Business Development

I work full time at a scheduling automation saas company in Portland, where I manage customer success and coordinate business development efforts with the PM.

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Flutter Carousel

I wrote an article for Medium that demonstrates how to create a background image carousel in Flutter. You can pull the repo and run the app if you have Flutter set up.

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Flutter Prototype

I was hired to create a prototype for Style360 / DigitalXE using Google's cross-platform development framework, Flutter, written in Dart. This app includes navigation, data binding, image carousel, app and bottom nav bars, forms, a modal, and more.

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Slack Invite WebApp

I co-founded Portland's Flutter meetup. One of the problems we solved for was inviting people into our Slack channel for ongoing discussions about the technology. Github repo located here.

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Algorithm Portfolio

HTML/CSS/jQuery application that features algorithms I've been working on. User interface takes form input and processes with backend logic to output results.

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Music Theory Logic

3300+ lines of code laying out the underlying logic of western music theory in a ruby document. Covers chromatic and diatonic scales, modes, chords, and arpeggios.


Ruby / jQuery

I created an application that automates the melodic encryption processed described in my first book, Astromusik. Also includes a home-made Tone Color Keyboard that allows users to play their computer keyboard like a piano with responsive UI. You can view the github repository (here) or click the button below to load the app.

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Rails / PostgreSQL

This full stack application is an organizational tool for songwriters. It employs file hosting with AWS, multiple database relationships, and audio playback.

Developer Portfolio

Prior to creating this site, I build a fully responsive dev portfolio from scratch featuring all of my repositories, resume, social media, and contact information.

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This angular app was built as a prototype for a local company that provides on-demand receptionist services. I created a component for each client that allowed receptionists to identify themselves and leave a message with automated timestamp.

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Prototype #1 + #2


I developed a pitch deck for two new features that could be added to the current Adidas website; Shoes customization based on personality and a Spotify feature.

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Prototype #3 (Marmoset)

I built this new feature prototype for a local music agency, highlighting a mobile audio feature as part of a game audio / sfx expansion pitch.