360 Labs: SeeInside PDX

Show Show Lab creates engaging mixed reality experiences for a live and digital audience. We cater to Portland companies who recognize the power of WebVR, Social Media Gaming, and Live Events for marketing and promotional purposes. 


360 Labs has rendered 1,100+ WebVR tours of Portland businesses. Users can navigate between rooms to view the interior. Reading from the site's landing page, the company's marketing strategy aims to "create meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop and mobile applications".

What Makes 360 Video Memorable?


Successful Digital Agencies like CARROT (Brooklyn) are using interactive social media games and storytelling to promote their clients' brands. We have developed a marketing strategy that incentivizes audience participation through games and rewards. We have identified 360 Labs and InsidePDX as a platform that could leverage existing relationships with Portland businesses to create a promotional campaign highlighting the value of 360 video for local and online advertising. 

Images of the  Rickstraverse  from Carrot's website

Images of the Rickstraverse from Carrot's website

Instagram Art Portals: The Rickstraverse is an Instagram game created by Carrot for Adult Swim's show Rick and Morty. Players are guided through a wacky world of colorful illustrations, animated video, narrative commentary and warp tags to navigate users through an illustrated story. Fans of the show love to explore their favorite characters in a new medium. 

Carrot has seen excellent results with Instagram portal games. Netflix partnered with Carrot on an IG game for the show OA. Users were drawn into a series of riddles and mysteries. They have published 243 Million impressions on IG and 1.9 Billion impressions on FB/Twitter for the OA campaign. The crowd response was overwhelmingly positive and demonstrates the power of interactive social media games. 

Augmenting InsidePDX with Interactive Storytelling

We see an opportunity to showcase 360 Labs' InsidePDX content to a new audience. Our goal is to create a treasure hunt / mystery game that guides players through an illustrated depcition of Portland companies on a World Map

Matterport has a pinning/labeling/content-embed feature that doesn't appear to be available on InsidePDX. Registering with Matterport and launching a new round of footage could improve existing content and generate a fresh revenue stream for 360 Labs.


IG: 'World Map'

A 360 Labs City illustration is designed, positioning the 12 participating companies upon a World Map.

Each of these squares can be clicked to navigate to the individual company's personal landing page.

Illustrations make reference to the actual company while also introducing characters and unique design features.

Text-based story telling accompanies imagery through the 'description' section under each image. 

Tags on the image are used to 'warp' players from one location to another, much like the nodal navigation utilized by 360 Labs' WebVR.


Show Show / 360 Labs: Collaboration

1) Build an Instagram Game-Experience featuring 12 participating InsidePDX companies united by a playful fantasy narrative

2) Augment 360Lab InsidePDX content with pinned text, images, and animations

3) Produce a live Show Show Lab Comedy-VR-AR-MR event that entertains and promotes our sponsors



Show Show creates a dedicated Instagram page featuring an illustrated fantasy rendition of Portland. The poster is divided into a 3x4 grid, with a building in each square. Each image is tagged with a warp tag to a new page. Each of these new pages are dedicated to one of the twelve participating companies from InsidePDX. 

Each company page has its own 3x4 grid poster, similar to the World Map. The illustrations are colorful, playful, and whimsical. The artist might choose to highlight the interior or exterior depending on the size of the company. Each square in the company's poster can be clicked on to expand full screen.  

Overall, the IG art portals point to a driving narrative, design-style, and character set that can later be adapted for webvr content and live event animations. Twitter and FB can be used as support platforms for promoting the IG experience. 

360 LAB / InsidePDX WEBVR Gaming

In tandem with the IG game, Show Show and 360Lab co-produce an interactive website. The landing page features the same World Map from the IG home page. Users can click on a company from the world map to trigger a lightbox. Embedded within that lightbox is a WebVR experience from the InsidePDX portfolio. By clicking away form the lightbox, they return to the world map. Within the lightbox, users move through the virtual space and click on pinned visual elements to open up text and animated video content.

A compelling narrative unfolds through the IG and WebVR layers, culminating with a cliffhanger resolved live at the Show Show Event.  

The WebVR experience is augmented by pinned content: text, images, animated video, and music. 

Example of these pinning features can be found on Matterport's site (here). 

Show Show Lab Promotional Event

The live experience showcases four comedians, each taking a turn to advance through 360 Labs InsidePDX spaces and narrate the augmented space. After completing the live play through, Show Show's host will introduce a rep from 360 Labs to speak about their philosophy and approach to webVR. This speech segues into the crowdgaming segment. 

Show Show's crowdgaming is accomplished with responsive animated content and several dozen Makey Makey controllers. For more information about Show Show's previous live events and approach to integrated VR/AR/Crowdgaming/Comedy, visit out website here: showshowlab.com

Advertising Incentive for Participating Companies

Funding for this effort will come from the participating companies and sponsors. We are not opposed to negotiating with large regional and national corporations (Nike, Red Bull, Vice, etc). 

Audience participants will be rewarded with promotional coupons for participating businesses, which drive traffic directly to the companies.

Future Implications for 360 Labs

Future events and digital marketing opportunities may open up, leading to new revenue streams. 


Upcoming Show Show Lab Event (February 2nd, 2018)