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Show Show Lab is an experience-driven design agency that connects brands with their target audience. We collaborate with artists and technicians to produce engaging, immersive events.


Engaged Audience

We draw upon a diverse pool of Portland talent to keep our audiences entertained and stimulated. Show Show Lab experiences often feature several mediums, including stand up comedy, virtual reality, animation, crowd gaming, augmented reality, and live music. 


Live VR Experiences

What happens when a comedian enters virtual reality on stage in front of a live audience? Live commentary, humor, and a real-time video feed can draw people in like never before.

Let us create custom VR experiences for your brand that can be played live and downloaded later for people to play and share with friends. 


Augmented Reality

Show Show Lab brings artists and technologists together to create augmented reality games for brands. 

Players draw cards and place them on camera-monitored platforms. Whenever three cards of a kind are placed in a row, a new video is unlocked and viewed by the players. These games can be downloaded on mobile devices and played anywhere.


Standup Comedy

Storytelling forms the backbone of our live events. We work with comedians to create entertaining material that highlights your brand. 

Virtual reality, crowd gaming, and animations expand on the best jokes and stories from the night, creating a compelling through-line that ties the experience together.