Game Audio Portfolio

Click here to play RUN JUMP FALL

This game was created in 2017, with George Basile on game design and visual art. I provided the background music theme and assisted with production. You can play it online at Kongregate by clicking the image above.


Created in 48 hours at Pigquad Global Game Jam 2018 in Portland, Oregon. I wrote the main theme and most of the sound effects.

The theme of the game is Transmission - Secret messages pass between the player and people in a boxcar train. Your goal is to solve the murder mystery and apprehend the suspect.

Musically, symbolic gestures to the Old West include a rolling snare drum and church bell with the iconic whistle. A string quartet create additional atmosphere and synth leads soar together in harmony.

Audiocypher Game Audio

Audiocypher was a collaboration between Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Isaac Cotec, Amine el Filali, and Chris Gear.

These two playlists are content sketches written by Ezra Sandzer-Bell (2015, 2017) in Reason and Logic Pro X. 

Elevate Game Audio

Custom music and key-signature compatible sound effects for indie game developers. 

Memories was a collaboration between Ezra, Avery Berman, Will Manning in December 2017

Full playlist here: