Game Audio Portfolio


This game was created in 2017, with George Basile on game design and visual art. I provided the background music theme and assisted with production. 


Created in 48 hours at Pigquad Global Game Jam 2018 in Portland, Oregon. I wrote the main theme and most of the sound effects.

The theme of the game is Transmission - Secret messages pass between the player and people in a boxcar train. Your goal is to solve the murder mystery and apprehend the suspect. 

Musically, symbolic gestures to the Old West include a  rolling snare drum and church bell with the iconic whistle. A string quartet create additional atmosphere and synth leads soar together in harmony.

Audiocypher Game Audio

Audiocypher was a collaboration between Ezra Sandzer-Bell, Isaac Cotec, Amine el Filali, and Chris Gear.

These two playlists are content sketches written by Ezra Sandzer-Bell (2015, 2017) in Reason and Logic Pro X. 

Elevate Game Audio

Custom music and key-signature compatible sound effects for indie game developers. 

Memories was a collaboration between Ezra, Avery Berman, Will Manning in December 2017

Full playlist here: